Elvis Presley Paccioni 'Lord Elgin' Retro Watches

Elvis Presley Paccioni™ 'Lord Elgin' Retro Watch

The Elvis Presley Paccioni 'Lord Elgin' Retro Watch is based on one of Elvis' favourite watches.

From the same people that bring us the outstanding Bellagio Time™ Elvis themed watches.

The Paccioni 'Retro' is available in highly polished gold, steel or black stainless steel.

The expandable steel strap is made for comfort and through the 'Retro' triangular window, you can see the hour disc at the top and the minuet disc below, which clearly shows the time in the most unique way, controlled by the precision quartz movement and Presented in a black wooden box.

Special offer : from an original recommenced retail of $940 : Now $340 including postage !!!