Elvis Presley Bellagio™ Watches

The Elvis Presley Bellagio™ EP ID Bracelet Watch is based on one of Elvis' favourite watches (pictured), Bellagio Time™ have brought the modern durability into a magnificent masterpiece created for all Elvis Presley fans to enjoy, with both style and quality.
A custom made raised TCB logo gleam's against the rich black dial of this unique watch.
Easy-to-read numbers are engraved on the bezel.
We are proud to present the only TCB diamond Chronograph watch in the world - 12 genuine diamonds adorn the face of the watch - with a finely sculpted TCB badge on the dial.
Bellagio Time has brought to you a unique way of having Elvis Presley 'next to your heart'. This the most precious gift for every female fan!!
Bring the 68 comeback into your home or office with the Elvis Presley Light Up Clock. With a solid wood frame surround, stained with a black coating, this clock easily hangs on the wall and will be envied by all of your Elvis' friends. Quality quaranteed : From Elvis Presley Bellagio™. Features 'ELVIS' Lights on/off and also flashing option; 12" diameter wooden frame in matt black colour finish; Precision clock movement.
Bring the 68 comeback Special into your home or office with this quality Elvis Presley Desk Sign. Made from wood and coated in black varnish, ELVIS lights on/off and also has a flashing setting. Elvis' signature on the front complements this desirable family jewel. Features : 'ELVIS' Lights on/off and also flashing option, Size:   22cm L x 9cm W x 14cm H.